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$99 for a case of water: Texas officials report price gouging post-Harvey

Thing just seem to be getting worse and worse for the victims of Harvey. 

Texas officials say they've gotten hundreds of complaints about price gouging and scams in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. One convenience store in Houston reportedly charged $20 for a gallon of gas, $8.50 for a bottle of water and $99 for a case of water.

There are also a plethora of health concerns surrounding the flood waters swallowing cities in Texas. Floodwater is often contaminated with sewage and chemicals and can hide sharp objects made of metal or glass. Sewage can cause boils or rashes on parts of the body that are submerged for extended periods of time. In addition to that, using items that have been submerged can also cause stomach problems.

But in some good news Walmart has announced that they will be donating $20 million in cash and donations to the Harvey relief efforts. 

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Hurricane Irma Gains Strength In Atlantic, Could Hit U.S.

Just as we are trying to heal form the devastating effects of Harvey, we now have another hurricane to be concerned about. 

Hurricane Irma is a powerful hurricane in the mid-Atlantic could strike the U.S.  that's currently a Category Three storm. Experts say its concerning because it's gaining strength rapidly. The National Hurricane Center says it'll could fall on the U.S. However, some models have it striking the Gulf Coast anywhere from New Orleans to Florida.

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Krispy Kreme's Bringing Back Its Pumpkin Doughnut, but Only For 1 Day!

I m not really a huge fan of the whole PSL craze but this sounds yummy.

The Pumpkin Spice Original Glazed Doughnut is a seasonal favorite at Krispy Kreme and will be available all day in participating stores. But there's a catch....its only for one day. They will e available on Sept. 8th and once they are gone they are gone.

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Dr. Brown's Baby Bottle Soap Recalled Due to "Harmful Bacteria"

If you are using Dr. Brown's dish soap throw it out!!!!

The company said their "natural bottle and dish soap" could contain bacteria that "poses a risk of respiratory and other infections." While no incidents or injuries have been reported yet, the company recalled 23,000 sold between September 2016 and June 2017 that were affected.

The soap was sold in two sizes, including a clear plastic 16-ounce bottle with a pump and a 4-ounce clear squeeze bottle — both sold separately and also as part of the bottle cleaning kit.

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The Whole Foods Products Now Available On Amazon

Amazon just bought Whole Foods for $13.7 billion dollars and not only have they slashed prices on popular food items, but you can now purchase their products online at 

Some of the items include...

  • Whole Foods Pizza
  • Whole Foods Gelato
  • 365 Organic White Quinoa
  • Whole Foods Italian Soda
  • 365 Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice
  • Whole Foods Organic Turmeric
  • 365 Organic Dark Chocolate
  • 365 Pita Chips
  • 365 PB&J Bites
  • 365 Organic Turkey Breast


These items are available through Amazon Fresh, which is available to Prime members.

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