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What's on repeat on my #iHeartRadio playlist?

Demi Lovato is such a freaking girl bawse! 

I adore her story and how far she has come with her  struggles with addictions and eating disorder. Not to mention how heart broken I would have been after she and Wilmer Valderrama split. Not to say that she wasn't but she handled in the best way ever. She sunk into her music/workouts/businesses and kept it movin'. 

Now payback is a bad bitch

And baby, I'm the baddest

You f*&%in' with a savage

Can't have this, can't have this (ah)

And it'd be nice of me to take it easy on ya, but nah

LOVE THAT VERSE! Cuz we all now we have that one from the past that we sing it to. But in true classy style Demi has no hard feelings toward her ex because the celebrated her 25th birthday together. Girl bawse again! I wonder if she sang this to him that night?

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