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Powerball Jackpot of $758 Million Goes to Winner in Massachusetts

And....we have a winner.

A $758 million jackpot will go to just one lucky person in Massachusetts at a Handy Variety Connivence Store. This Powerball is the second-richest in the game's history, and it went to one sole winner.

The winning numbers — 6, 7, 16, 23 and 26, with a Powerball of 4. 

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The Girl Scouts Are Accusing the Boy Scouts of Secretly Trying to Recruit Girls

The Boy Scouts say people want activities for the whole family and are trying to find ways for The Girl Scouts to be included on their activities and programs. The Girls Scouts however, are having none of this. The Girl Scouts of the USA wrote a "strongly worded letter" to the board of the Boy Scouts of America Monday, accusing them of running a "covert campaign" to get girls involved in Boy Scout programs.

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Turns out you’ve been tossing the healthiest part of an avocado

Apparently we are avacado-ing wrong.

The yummy fleshy part of the fruit might be jam-packed with vitamins,  and  all that healthy stuff, but it turns out it’s actually the seed husk which might just be the part that’s best for you. The seed husk is the outer coating of the stone that you usually throw in the trash. 

Scientists are saying that the avocado seed husk actually houses a ‘gold mine of medicinal compounds’ which could ‘treat a whole host of debilitating diseases’. The medicinal compounds within them could eventually be used to treat cancer, heart disease and other conditions.

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Chuck E. Cheese Is Almost Unrecognizable After These New Changes

Long live the animatronic characters!!! 

Chuck-E-Cheese is getting a major makeover and while the tickets are staying, the food and atmosphere are undergoing huge changes. There will be  open kitchens, so kids can watch their pizza being made and an updated. Thin-crust pizza (they make the dough in-house), fresh wraps and sandwiches, salads, and local specialties; and digital ordering kiosks and tablets for servers. 

The saddest part? Those animatronic characters are getting phased out. TEAR!

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It’s the Hashtag’s 10th Anniversary: Here Are The Greatest Hits

Social Media Site Twitter Debuts On The New York Stock Exchange

Happy birthday Hashtag!!!

This weeks marks the 10th anniversary of the #Hashtag. Dang TEN YEARS! Every day 125 million hashtags are shared everyday according to Twitter,  but some stuck above the rest.

#TheDress - The great debate over wether or not that lace number was blue or beige. 

#ThrowbackThursday- This one's self explanatory but the first time it was uses was back in 2008.

#BarCamp - This is one I didn't know.  #BarCamp is actually the first hashtag to ever appear on Twitter. Former Uber and Google employee Chris Messina tweeted a proposal to use the pound symbol as a way to organize groups. Then, he gave the example #BarCamp.

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