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What to wear to the #iHeartRadioMusicFestival ????

I.CAN.NOT.WAIT for the iHeartRadio Music Festival!!! 

No lie, this is the best concert extravaganza on the face of the planet and not just because its put on by the company that signs my paycheck. I got to go a few years ago with one of my best friends that won a trip through a company contest and it was seriously one of the best trips ever. 


When I think about the moment his call inviting me I giggle just a tad. I was getting may nails done and almost didn't answer man that would have sucked. Although here's hoping he would have called back. But I dunno this is the iHeartRadio Music festival we are talking about. 

Fink - "Riley what are you doing next weekend?"

Me - "Um nuthin' what are you doing?"

Fink - "Ahhhhhhhhmmmm going to the iHeartRadio Music Festival..."""


Fink - "YUP! You wanna go?"

Me - "................"

Fink -" Are you there?"

Me - " Gasp omg f@*% YES I wanna go!!!!!!!"

I then spent the next few weeks freaking out over what I was going to wear. I mean its Vegas so you have full rein to go a little extra but I was there representing iHeart so we didn't want to be showing off too many of my bits. Classy/Sexy/Cool  somewhat comfortable was the vibe I was going for. 

*Side Note* 

I have a fashion rule when figuring out my looks. Show off one or the other. The top or the bottom. Boobs or legs. 

I still love that dress. Simple and it fit like a glove. But then there was this...

WTF was I think with those REALLY short skull printed shorts and those GAWD awful jeweled sandals??? Ick. We all makes fashion mistakes I suppose. But this year I want none that. First world problems I know but it's my fist year going as part of The Kane Show. Gotta represent son!

I think I have my night looks down because those are easy. Well, EASIER. Its the Day Village looks that have me stumped. I know that I wanna go for a Coachella vibe but less glitter and booty cheeks. My outfit has got to be breezy cuz that Vegas heat is no joke. I also have to be able to wear my shell tops or chucks because stilettos and day festivals would be just tragic.

Thinking I might go with something like this... 

Im sure i'll figure out something at the very last minute like always. Wish me luck!!

~ Hugs and Smiles ~ Riley Couture

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