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Six Officers Shot In 48 Hours; Two Dead

Its becoming more and more heartbreaking to see all of the violence going on in the world today. i always go back to the same question..."Just WHY?"

"Three separate incidents occurring during the weekend left two police officers dead and four others wounded. 

The first incident happened in Kissimmee, Florida, when Officer Matthew Baxter and Sgt. Sam Howard where shot during a scuffle during a late night patrol. Officer Baxter died Friday night, and Sgt. Howard died Saturday. The suspect, Everett Miller, was later arrested at a bar. A charge of first-degree murder for Baxter's killing has already been confirmed. Authorities haven't said what charges they'll file over Howard's death.

The second shooting took place Friday in Jacksonville, Florida. Officers Michael Fox and Kevin Jarrell were responding to an attempted suicide call. As the approached the property, officers heard gun fire - it was the suspect shooting at them through the doorway. Gunfire was exchanged and the alleged shooter, Derrick Rashard Brabham, died from his wounds. Both officers survived. 

The third shooting happened in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. A witness in a food mart parking lot said ten-to-15 shots rang out. Two troopers were shot and the suspect was killed during the incident, Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Melinda Bondarenka says. Both troopers are stable and alert"

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U.S. Prepares For Solar Eclipse


Today marks the first Solar Eclipse in 99 years with the next one happening in 2024!! It starts at 1:17 and will go to 4:01 pm. 

It will move eastward along a 70-mile-wide path across Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska and the northeast corner of Kansas. It will then darken skies over Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky and Nashville, Tennessee before passing over Georgia and the Carolinas on its way toward the Atlantic Ocean. The eclipse will be visible for under three minutes at each viewing location.

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Off The Shoulder Tops Worn By Mail Students in Protest To Dress Code

This is pretty dope that the students united together for something they believed in. 

Students at San Benito High School in Hollister returned to school August 14 with many of the female students finding themselves being cited for dress code violations. Their off-shoulder-tops are against school policy and have technically been banned for years, but the students claim this rule was only recently enforced.

One student noted that the administration enforced the dress code is for their own safety, but she fails to understand what they’re “keeping us safe from,”.

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Apple Unveils iPhone 6

I'm not sure if this is cool or scary.

The iOS 11 is coming up with a new security update. With the privacy feature, you can automatically disable Touch ID in just a few seconds, securing your device and preventing anyone (including law enforcement) from forcing you to access your iPhone using your fingerprint.

You can activate the feature is activated by pressing the lock button five times in a row. When you do this, the phone enters an emergency mode that brings up a second screen with the SOS button that, if toggled, alerts your emergency contacts to your location. What it also does, regardless of whether you tap the SOS button, is lock down your device and disable Touch ID until you verify your identity with your passcode.

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Amazon takes on the corner store with Instant Pickup


Need some face wash? Some Cheezits? Amazon's got ya with a new service that launched on Tuesday. Instant pickup lets customers order from a limited list of basic supplies and Amazon devices from the app, then pick them up from a nearby pickup locker "within two minutes."

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