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At Least 13 Dead After Terrorist Attack In Spain

Thirteen Dead And Dozens Injured As Van Hits Crowds in Barcelona's Las Ramblas Area

Its just so incredibly sad to see all of these senseless acts of terror and violence around the world.

"Police in Spain are still looking for the person who drove a van into a crowd in Barcelona, killing at least 13 people. The terrorist attack in Spain's second-largest city Thursday also left more than 100 other people hurt. Police said in a press conference that the attacker was trying to kill as many people as possible when he drove onto the pedestrian walkway.

The driver took off from the scene and remains at large. Still, Barcelona police made two arrests in connection with the attack, but neither person was behind the wheel of the van. Not surprisingly, ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack (though there's no proof that they are behind it). The terror is Spain continued into the night with what appeared to be a second attack in a town about 75 miles south of Barcelona.

That’s where police shot and killed five suspected attackers in the town of Cambrils. Officials say they were all wearing suicide belts. Six civilians and one police officer were hurt in that incident. Police are now working on the belief that the incident is connected to the Barcelona attack, as well as a deadly explosion earlier this week in another town near Barcelona."

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Target Sells Sensory-Friendly Kids’ Clothing Now

Target Fourth Quarter Profit Drops 43 Percent After Weak Holiday Season

This is SO AWESOME!!!

Target’s expanding their Cat & Jack line to include clothes that will be better suited for kids with sensory issues. In Target's official statement they said "The pieces include heat-transferred labels in place of tags, flat seams, and one-dimensional graphic tees, all designed to minimize discomfort when in contact with the skin." For not the clothing line is available exclusively online. 

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If you're on the road during the eclipse, officials hope you'll be smart

With the Solar Eclipse happening on Monday official are sending out all kinds of warnings to keep us safe.

The state department of transportation says it's expecting hundreds of thousands of people to pass through the state heading south and west to see the eclipse. The trouble spot will likely be on Interstate 95 after the eclipse. NASA is estimating that as many as one-million people will drive to South Carolina Monday to witness the first solar eclipse since 1979. Many will travel down Interstate 95 through North Carolina for a view of the eclipse.

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A 'Netflix tax'?

Netflix and Chill just got a little more expensive.

Chicago, Pennsylvania and Florida have already passed a so-called Netflix tax, and cities such as Pasadena, Calif. are considering it. These taxes can translate to additional fees of less than $1 each month to consumers. But over the months they might add up to $50 or more each year.

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We're Ready For Fall Thanks To Dunkin' Donuts' Pumpkin Cream Cheese

Dunkin Donuts

Get ready for the all pumpkin everything season.

Dunkin's newest addition is the pumpkin cream cheese, which will be available to add to bagels starting August 28, along with the rest of the fall products. The cream cheese is made with real pumpkin too!

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