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Victim Of VA Violence Identified As Community Begins To Heal

There are just no words for how horrible this is. Just why?? The fact that a promising young woman, or anyone for that matter, had to lose their life over pure hatred.

"The woman who was killed at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia is being described as a person who fought social injustice. The family of Heather Heyer says she worked for a law firm nearby in Ruckersville, Virginia and that she had decided to join counter-protesters at the rally Saturday.

Apparently, she was trying to cross the street when she was struck by a car that plowed through a group of counter-protesters – and 19 others were also hurt. While, two Virginia state troopers died in a helicopter crash near the violence, it’s unclear how they’re deaths are connected. In the aftermath, 20-year-old Ohioan James Alex Fields Jr. has been arrested and charged with murder.

And while the country has come together to speak against the violence that exploded on Saturday with various peaceful rallies, a vigil to honor Heyer almost didn’t happen last night. Organizers said that they had received a number of threats from white supremacists and that for safety reasons were calling the whole thing off. Apparently, the citizens of Charlottesville didn’t listen and hundreds turned out anyway. Attendees said that they won’t allow the weekend’s violence to define their community."

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Amazon issues refunds for potentially phony eclipse glasses


Yet another reason why ya gotta love Amazon.

With the solar eclipse coming up on August 21st they announced on Sunday that they contacted and issued refunds to some customers who purchased glasses on Amazon that "may not comply with industry standards." Amazon also removed a few listings for glasses on its website "out of an abundance of caution." 

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Applebee's and IHOP Will Close Up to 160 Restaurants

IHOP To Buy Applebees Chain For $1.9 Billion

Nooooooooo!!! Not Applebees! I love their Chinese chicken salad! 

The parent company of Applebee's and IHOP, has announced it will close up to 160 locations of both restaurants this year. The plan is to open around 20 to 30 new Applebee's, mostly abroad, and 80 to 95 IHOPs, mostly in the U.S.

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Parents, Beware of the "Hot Water Challenge"


Parents be warned! The called the "Hot Water Challenge," is where children dare each other to consume it or douse each other in it. The horrifying activity is allegedly inspired by Youtube videos.

Jamoneisha Merritt, an 11-year-old from the Bronx, New York, was admitted Monday morning to Harlem Hospital with second-degree burns to her face, neck, shoulders and chest. The girl's 12-year-old friend had poured boiling water on her during a sleepover.

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Ring The Alarm, There Will Apparently Be NO MORE Rose Gold iPhones

Well they switched out the rose gold version for an UGLY color. The new iPhone 8 will only come in black, silver/white, and then bronze/white. 

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