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New York family claims JetBlue booted them from flight after 1-year-old daughter kicked seat


I'm just horrified to fly these days.

An outraged Brooklyn couple says JetBlue booted them from a flight after their 1-year-old daughter kicked a seat. Mandy Ifrah and her husband, Tamir Raanan, were on the runway ready to return to Kennedy Airport from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., last month when antsy, cranky baby Eden started kicking a fellow flyer’s seat. Ifrah apologized, and the annoyed passenger stood to change seats. 

"Before we know it, the pilot says we’re going back to the gate — and then security came onto the flight and said we have to get our things and get off the flight," Ifrah told The News. "We kept asking, 'What’s the reason you’re kicking us off the flight?

JetBlue strongly disputed Ifrah’s account of the untimely ouster.

“After a verbal altercation that included physical threats and profanities against a nearby customer, the aircraft door was reopened and our airports team politely asked the customers to step off to discuss the situation,” the company told The News in a statement.

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New Distracted Driving Law Goes Into Effect On Sunday

Text And Drive

We can pretty much kiss goodbye using our cellphones in cars.

"A new law in Washington state puts the breaks on using your phone while driving. The Distracted Driving Law goes into effect Sunday. If caught, people will face charges of "Driving Under the Influence of Electronics." Motorists are not permitted to hold a cell phone while driving and they cannot check a text message while stopped at a traffic light.

If ticketed, it will cost 136-dollars. A second offense within five years will cost 234-dollars and be reported to your insurance company. Officers can also issue tickets for things like eating behind the wheel, smoking or putting on makeup. Those penalties could snag you an extra $99 ticket.

Under the new law, motorists can only use their phone if it's hands free and can be started by a single touch or swipe of a finger. And by the way? That's only if you're safely parked and out of traffic."

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Fruit Punch Pickles Are Here


Fruit punch and pickles — barf. Walmart just rolled out with Tropickles at1,200 Walmart locations across the United States as early as July 14. The punch pickles are under the Great Value brand and are going for $2 a jar, so go out and buy yourself some if your into that sort of thing. 

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Chipotle Restaurant Shuts Down After Reports of Norovirus

UH-OH. Chipotle fans are not going to be pleased about this.

On Tuesday afternoon, though, a Chipotle restaurant in Virginia closed after multiple customers reported getting sick after eating there. At least eight people were affected, experiencing vomiting, fevers, diarrhea, and violent stomach cramps after eating there Friday, July 14. Chipotle head of food safety Jim Marsden said the reported symptoms are consistent with norovirus, an extremely contagious stomach virus that causes sharp stomach pains, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

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Lay's 3 New Potato Chip Flavors Are Its Craziest Yet

Potato Chips

Gimme alllll of these!

Lay’s potato chips annual “Do Us A Flavor” contest is back and this year’s user-submitted finalists made some yummy options!

  • Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese - This one’s got the got the garlicky, salty flavor you’re looking for in the breakfast favorite flavor, but some reviewers say they could use more of it. But that does make this kettle-cooked chip better for dipping.
  • Fried Green Tomato - This wavy chip is supposed to taste just like the real thing: “a little tangy, a little peppery, a little grease-soaked-breading-y.” A man in Georgia who grew up eating fried green tomatoes created this flavor, so if you had them as a kid too, these chips will take you back to your youth.
  • Crispy Taco - How is this not already a flavor? Reviewers say these crispy chips taste “shockingly close to a Taco Bell taco,” so what more can you ask for? They say the lettuce, tomato, and cheese flavors all represent, and you can even taste the ground beef.

These three flavors will hit the shelves on Monday, July 30, and that’s when the voting begins and runs through October 8 on Lay's website. You can also vote on Twitter and Instagram using #SweepstakesEntry and #VoteEverythingBagel, #VoteFriedGreenTomato, or #VoteCrispyTaco.

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