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Mom Warns Others After Claiming She Found a Razor in Chocolate "Surprise" Egg

This is so scary!!!!

Staten Island mom Jenna Argento Dapolito surprised her two-year-old daughter last week with a Hello Kitty chocolate egg underneath the foil wrapping and hard candy shell, she expected a toy. But instead there was a dirty razor! Thankfully no on was hurt but that would scare the crap outta me.

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Apple is working on a way to let you covertly call 911 in an emergency

Apple Fans Await iPhone 7

The new "panic command" when activated, would provide your location to first responders. It could also livestream audio or video from the phone. With it a user could appear to comply with an attacker's request to unlock his or her phone, but actually covertly call 911. According to the patent, the panic command can only be triggered by an input entered with a "predetermined finger or finger sequence," i.e., pinky-index-ring. 

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Where to Get Free Hot Dogs on National Hot Dog Day 2017

Cropped Hand Of Person Holding Hot Dog

Gotta love a good hot dog.

Here's some great hot dog deals across the nation to celebrate two National Hot Dog Days during National Hot Dog Month!

  • 7-Eleven - Get Quarter Pound Big Bite for $1 on July 23rd.
  • Ben’s Soft Pretzels - Buy one, get one free All-Beef Pretzel Dog on July 23rd. Only one deal per person and you have to be a member of Ben’s Loyalty Rewards Club.
  • Burger King - Enjoy hot dogs for 79-cents all month long.
  • Dog Haus - Hot dog sliders and corn dog sliders on for just $1 on July 23rd.
  • Fancy Franks - Get a free hot dog from noon to 5 p.m. tomorrow.
  • Hot Dog on a Stick - Hot Dog on a Stick has $1 unlimited Original Turkey Dogs every Tuesday in July, and you can get a free Original Turkey Dog on July 19th.
  • Hwy 55 Burgers, Shakes & Fries - Hot dogs are just 99-cents tomorrow, but you can only get two and have to be in the My Hwy Rewards program or download the app.
  • Nathan’s Famous - At their Fort Myers, Florida location, they’re offering buy one, get one for five cents on July 23rd. Other locations may offer the same tasty deal.
  • Philly Pretzel Factory - Pretzel dogs are just $1 all day long tomorrow.
  • QuikTrip - Get a free hot dog on July 23 when you download the QuikTrip app.
  • Wayback Burgers - On July 23 you can get two Classic Dogs for $5.
  • Wienerschnitzel - Hot dogs are just 99-cents all day long on July 23.

Italian City Bans Selfie Sticks


All too often we see horror stories involving selfie sticks so Milan has taken matters int its own hands and is banning them. The ban went into affect on July 14th and will last until August 13th, but there is a chance it may “continue until it is needed”. So far there’s no word on what consequences folks will face if they’re caught using one.

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Pizza Hut plans to hire roughly 14,000 new drivers this year

Pizza Hut want us to get our pizza faster.

Pizza Hut says it will add about 14,000 new drivers by the end of 2017 in an effort to speed deliveries to customers. The hiring, combined with a new delivery system and enhanced online mapping, will enable them to "meet the needs of today's connected environment,".

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