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Krispy Kreme’s 80-cent deal for a dozen doughnuts

And now I want donuts...dang it! 

Today's is Krispy Kreme's 80 birthday and to celebrate they are giving away a dozen donuts for 80 cents. The catch is that you have to buy another dozen at full price. Considering that the usually run at around $8 that's not a bad deal.

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Apple is adding 3D lasers to the iPhone so we can all be AR zombies

Apple Unveils iPhone 6

My guess is that the next iPhone is going to be pretty pricey. 

"Apple is trying to add a rear-facing 3D laser system to the back of the next iPhone, set to debut this fall. The sensor system would give the iPhone better depth-sensing abilities for augmented reality apps and better auto-focus for standard photography.

The report claims Apple is working to add a "vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser" (VCSEL) system that gives the phone's camera better depth perception. It does this by calculating how long it takes for the imperceptible light to travel from your phone, to the target object, and back."

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United to ask passengers to bump flights up to five days prior

United Airlines Grounds All Flights Worldwide After Computer Glitch

Always good to hear some good news about air travel.

United Airlines said it will begin asking passengers days in advance if they would consider being bumped from a flight in exchange for a travel voucher. They will email passengers enrolled in their frequent flier program up to five days in advance of an overbooked flight to offer a $250 travel voucher in exchange for altering their itinerary.

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McDonald's Is Giving Away Free Ice Cream and Here's How to Get It

Free ice cream for everybody!


McDonald's is offering free ice cream Sunday, July 16 otherwise known as National Ice Cream Day. The company is looking to highlight their changed soft-serve recipe, which gets rid of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. The giveaway also seems to be aimed at getting more customers to download its smartphone app. To get a free cone, download the McDonald's mobile app and have it ready to go. Then, on Sunday, check out the offer under "my deals." If you redeem the offer you get a chance at free soft serve FOR LIFE with their Golden Arches Cone Game.

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Lyft Is Now Offering Car Seats For Parents For A Small Price

Lyft Gives Up Pink Mustaches To Challenge Uber In New York City

I might give up Uber for Lyft now...

Lyft is now offering for parents for a small surcharge. The company announced the feature on Monday to customers only in the New York City area for now, to test it out. Parents in the city will be able to hit the car seat option which fits one child and three grown ups. It'll cost $10 and the child has to be more than 1-year-old, the company says, since the seats aren't safe for anyone smaller than that. Even if your tot is over the age limit, they still have to be between 31 and 52 inches and weigh between 22 and 48 pounds.

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