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Time to let the dress go...

Well there's a flashback for ya...

There I was, 29 and feeling like a fairytale princess in my dream dress about to marry my very own prince charming. This was that moment that every girl dreams of, the moment where she steps into the dress and gasps at the thought that she finally found "The One"

It was everything I have ever wanted. Duchess satin, classic and simple but with a vintage flair in the train. This was it, this was my dress. There were tears all around the minute I put it on and everyone in the shop kept gushing that it was perfect for me. And it was. The only problem was that the dress may have been "The One" for me...but Mr. Prince Charming wasn't.

Now before this turns into a pity party, let me just say that there was a time that I couldn't even look at this picture without blubbering. But times have changed and moving on is a beautiful part of life.

So why am I sharing these photos for the first time in four years?

Well because of my smile in that picture. I can see the joy in my eyes and how blessed I felt to be in that moment. And although my dream wedding didn't happen (YET) I want someone else to feel the bliss that I felt in that moment. I want to gift it to someone who maybe can't afford their very own dream dress. Or maybe someone that hated their dress and wants a do-over. Hey I men it happens right? I want someone else to gasp in the mirror and feel what it feels like to have your dreams coming true. I felt it then and have felt it in so many other ways since. Im stills so incredibly blessed and we are blessed to bless others. 

They say everything happens for a reason and maybe this is my reason. I can't wait to see what joy this dress brings to someone someday. 

~Hugs and Smiles ~ Riley Couture 

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