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Snapchat's latest update has one useful feature, two just for fun


Snapchat is upping their game yet again. They have unrolled three new features that are pretty nifty. 

First is the ability to share links with friends in Snaps. By tapping the new paperclip icon in the vertical toolkit, you can share a website link that your pals can swipe up to view inside the app. Then there's backdrops for Snaps, to access them you tap the scissors icon in the vertical toolkit and look for the new backdrop icon. 

Next highlight the figures or area you want to stand out from the backdrop, then select a pattern or graphic to place in the background. Snapchat will introduce a new batch of backdrops every day. 

Lastly Snapchat is bringing voice filters to all. Previously sequestered to Lenses, you first record a Snap, then select the speaker icon on the bottom of the screen and pick from a smattering of sound effects. 

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The Best Deals For National Fried Chicken Day

Southern Fried Chicken

Annnnnnnnd now I'm hungry. Today is National Fried Chicken Day and there are lots of deals around the country. 

  • Bob Evans: Homestyle fried chicken tenders come with your choice of salad or soup, plus dessert for just $2 more.
  • Carrabba’s: You’ll get a free gift when you order Chicken Bryan, Chicken Marsala or Pollo Rosa Maria.
  • Domino’s Pizza: Use coupon code 5851 to get a large, two-topping pizza plus 14 pieces of chicken for $19.99.
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken: You don’t need a coupon to get a Chicken Share at KFC, which includes chicken tenders, chicken pieces, popcorn chicken and hot wings for $10.
  • Pizza Hut: Get a Giddy-Up BBQ Chicken or Cherry Pepper Bombshell pizza for $16 with coupon code GB16. You can also get a box of eight bone-out wings for $6 using code 2221.

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Mom says United forced her to fly with son on lap for three hours

Shaking my head at you United....

This round of controversy comes after they forced a mom to hold her toddler son in her lap after they sold his seat. Hawaii middle school teacher Shirley Yamauchi was bound for a teacher's conference in Boston last week with her 27-month-old son, whose ticket she said cost as much as her. In total the tickets were nearly $1,000. Before taking off to Boston, a man with the same seat number as her son’s came up. Yamauchi had two options, get a refund for her son’s flight and get booted off or sit him on her lap, which she did. 

"I was concerned for his safety, I had to attempt to put his seatbelt over him for the two of us, and it was very difficult. … He's so big, I couldn't put down the folding table. I put the drinks on my armrest. I knocked down the drinks with my elbow." Yamauchi said. 

The airline issued an apology 5 days later.

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Your Favorite Clothing Brands at Target Are Going Away for Good

NOT Mossimo! 

Target is introducing 12 new clothing, accessories, and home décor lines. The store is also phasing out well-known brands like Mossimo, Merona, Cherokee, and Circo. The company is refreshing its products to boost sales and compete with companies like Amazon. So far, they have previewed four of them: women's clothing line A New Day, stylish men's line Goodfellow & Co, "edgier" athleisure line JoyLab, and modern home décor line Project 62.

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Whole Foods Recalls Chicken Salad Because It’s Missing … Chicken

Dang it! I love Whole Foods Chicken Salad! 

One of the poultry suppliers for Whole Foods accidentally sent a big shipment of “chicken salad” that didn’t actually contain any chicken. The Willow Tree Poultry Farm has recalled 440 pounds of “buffalo-style chicken salad” that it turns out was actually contained cranberry-apple tuna salad instead. 

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