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Starbucks Dropped a New Frappuccino, and It Tastes Like a Thin Mint

Found the new #MidnightMintMochaFrappuccino! Now, how to get out of this mint maze... (Available at participating stores in the US & Canada)

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Now THIS is something I would actually drink! Its  made with scoops of extra-dark cocoa that's blended with coffee, milk, and ice. The frap is also infused with cooling mint sugar crystals and a layer of whipped cream, then topped with even more whipped cream and an additional dusting of dark cocoa. Yes. Yes. Yes. 

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Fidget Spinners And School Are Not Mixing

I saw one of these fort he first time this weekend and actually though it was a great concept for kids but some parents and teachers are saying its not. The “fidget spinner”  is a small plastic spinning toy that’s marketed as a tool to help children with attention disorders, anxiety and autism. Some teachers say that in a group learning situations these toys are beneficial to studying. But researchers are saying there is actually no link to these toys helping people with autism or attention disorders.  

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This Bra-Washing Hack Is Brilliant


Hand washing your bra is a pain in the arse so most of us don't end up doing it and ruin out bras. Enter this amazing life hack. All you need is some baby shampoo and a salad spinner. Yes, a salad spinner. It’s the kitchen tool you never use. And all you have to do is fill the spinner with warm water and two tablespoons of baby shampoo. Put the bras in the water and get them saturated. Let them soak for 10 minutes and then give them a few spins.

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Mom brain is truly a thing! Thank you science!! New research suggests that women’s brains shrink while they are pregnant. 

"MRIs proved that some gray matter was lost after pregnancy, specifically in areas that deal with people’s feelings and nonverbal signals. The loss actually aids in brain processing, and makes mothers more efficient in figuring out their children’s needs and emotions, which results in a better maternal attachment."

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Taco Bell Turning Their Chicken Chalupa Into Nuggets

Love me some Taco Bell!!!  Starting later this month, they are adding  the Naked Chicken Chips to the menu. Basically it’s their version of chicken nuggets, with the Naked Chicken Chalupa fried shell made to look like triangle-shaped chicken pieces, which come with a side of Taco Bell Nacho cheese sauce They will be available as a six-piece or 12-pieces order as of May 11th. YUM.

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