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This is the gnarliest recipe in the new Ninja Turtles cookbook


This is so dope. There is an actual Ninja Turtle cookbook!!! It contains 65 recipes like Sweet Pickle Pie, Cowabunga Boats, and classic pepperoni.  The book is also broken up into 4 sections...Old School, New School, Masked Mutations and Sweet Dude. 

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Couple Finds Live Scorpion in Bag of Spinach


First the dead bat in a salad bag and now THIS. This lady thought that there was a cricket crawling around in her spinach bag and caught it in a water bottle only to find out that it was A SCORPION!! She caught the whole thing on video with her phone. NOPE.  I am never eating salad again.

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This New App Is The Tinder Of Baby Naming

If I ever have another baby I'm downloading this app. It basically for partners that cant come to an agreement on what to name their child so they can swipe left and right on the names you like. So when you mutually match on names the BabyName will compile a list of the names so you can widdle it down the THE ONE.

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There Is Now A Hello Kitty Cafe


This is so adorable. There is now a permanent Hello Kitty cafe in California that serves cute little confections like cakes covered in sprinkles and Hello Kitty doughnut cookies. It's called Hello Kitty Mini Cafe and orders can take up to an hour but people don't seem to mind.

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How Much You’ll Spend On Beauty Products In Your Lifetime

Its crazy just how much we spend on makeup we don't need or use. I must admit I'm guilty of overspending on mascara and such but these figures are just depressing. 

According to research from Coinage, we spend an average of $43 each time we hit stores like Sephora and Ulta for beauty products. And that doesn’t sound like too much, but think about how it adds up. Over the course of a lifetime, that’s about $15,000!!!

This is some of what we’re buying with that $15,000:

  • Mascara is what we’re spending the most on, to the tune of $3,770.
  • Eyeshadow accounts for $2,750 over a lifetime.
  • Lipstick costs us about $1,780 over the years.

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