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This Restaurant Has 27 Kinds of Ranch Dressing — and 3-Hour Waits for a Table


Ranch lovers rejoice!! there is a restaurant in St Louis call Twisted Ranch where their house specialty is just that. RANCH. They offer flights of ranch, ranch bloody marys, and every bit of ranch is homemade. YUM. But if you want to get a table you're going to have to wait 3 hours for it.

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Flight Attendant Reveals The Best Time To Use The Restroom On A Plane


Erika Roth is a former flight attendant that wants to inform everyone of the best times to go to the potty. Apparently the times you should go are right after the pilot turns on the seat belt sing and right before drink service starts. This way people won't be banging on the door outside while you're trying to tinkle.

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Facebook Will Now Let You Beg Your Friends For Money With ‘Personal Fundraisers’


Now you can beg your friend for money via social media. Facebook has announced they are starting 'personal fundraisers' that allow friends to donate money to their friend but with limited causes allowed. Causes like funerals, medical expenses, crisis relief and personal emergencies. Is finding the perfect shoe a personal emergency?

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McDonald's Is Changing The Way They Make Whoppers


They have announced that as of 2018 they will be made out of fresh, not frozen meat. They are testing it at 325 of their locations and Wendy's is not happy about it. Wendy's already uses fresh meat for their burgers. 


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This is really cool. A new study by physiologists found that Tetris can distract the mind so that it can shutdown food cravings and treat vision problems. They recently tested this on patients after car accidents and found that the patients that played Teris after the event were 63% less likely to think about the event. 

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