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The Strongest Coffee In The World Is Now Available in The US

This stuff would give me a heart attack. Black Insomnia Coffee has 702 milligrams of caffeine per 12oz cup. That's a LOT of caffeine. It was introduced last year in South African and is now available here in the US via Amazon for $15.

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Samsung Unveils The New Samsung Galaxy S8

This thing is pretty spiffy. The new Galaxy has a bigger screen display that's curved so the screen extends to the sides. The most talked about addition to the phone is Samsung's new voice assistant "Bixby" which remembers patterns. For example if you call your husband at a certain time everyday Bixby will ask you unprompted at that time if you would like to call him. COOL! The phone also has face recognition, its waterproof, and supports HDR video.

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 Cheaters Don’t Stop After The First Time For Alarming Reason, Science Says

You know that saying "Once a cheater, always a cheater"....

According to a new study linking the brain and dishonesty cheaters continue to step out on their significant others because of amygdala, a region in the brain that provides a negative response when human's lie. The more we are dishonest the more this response weakens. 

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Florida High School Under Fire For Sexist Prom Dress Code Pics

This is just WRONG!

Stanton College Prep is under fire for posting these prom dress code pictures depicting what girls should and should not wear to the dance. They posted a four separate pictures with women wearing different kinds of dresses. Three out of the four pictures showed ladies wearing reveling dresses showing a lot of skin. The other remaining photo showed a girl in a long gown completely covered. Under the sexier dresses there was a caption that said "Going to Stanton prom? No  you not." Under the picture with the more modest dress read "Going to Stanton prom? Yes you are a good girl." 


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Gigi Hadid Interviewed While Holding APlank

She is such a badass. This interview was part of the #PerfectNever that Reebok launched in July to stop body shamers and to show that and there's always room for improvement and one has to be perfect. LOVE!

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