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Sesame Street's first character with autism to make TV debut


This is so inspiring!! Sesame Street is debuting its first character that is living with Autism! Her name is Julia. Although she is already featured in the storybooks and but the higher ups wanted to up her role as a way to reduce the stigma attached with Autism. Rock on Sesame Street! Rock on!!

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Some Millennials are so clueless about how to live on their own they are actually taking “adulting” classes that teach them how to be a grownup. The classes were created by Maine psychotherapist Rachel Weinstein and elementary school teacher Katie Brunelle at the Adulting School. Millennials shell out $19.99 to learn basic grown up stuff, in five categories including health, home repairs, and cooking. the idea came about because many people feel parents are to blame because they are so concerned about shielding their kids from problems that they don’t know how to handle issues when they get older.

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Alice Jacob is a 5 year old girl who digs race cars and superheros instead of fairies and princesses. So much in fact that she wants clothes to be made that fits her interests. She got upset when she saw her brothers clothes with her favorite things on them so she decided to write Gap a letter. 

“All your girl shirts are pink and princesses and stuff like that. The boys’ shirts are really cool. They have Superman, Batman, rock-and-roll and sports. What about girls who like those things like me, and my friend Olivia? Can you make some cool girls’ shirts please?. Or, can you make a no boys’ or girls’ section — only a kids’ section?”

This little girl is my spirit animal!

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Hasbro Unveils New Monopoly Tokens


Thanks to an online poll that Hasbro conducted back in in January we now have a few new Monopoly pieces. And to be honest I'm not thrilled about it because they did away with one of my favorite pieces. THE BOOT!!! They also did away with the wheelbarrow and the thimble. To replace them they are debuting the T-Rex, the rubber ducky, and a penguin. Over my shoe?!? Boo!!!

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Disney's live-action Mulan won't be a musical


Well this is quite the switch from the 'Beauty and The Beast' live action remake. Disney has announced that there will be alive action remake of 'Mulan', but alas there will be no music in it. Mulan's director did an interview with MoviePhone and she says that much to the horror of her children there will no songs in the film but it will be an epic girly martial arts flick. 

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