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Happy St Patricks Day!

If your not wearing green today someone will inevitably pinch you. Green is't my color so I tend to boycott wearing just because of a holiday. Bah-humbug I know. Apparently the reason we started wearing green for St Patty's Day started back in the day when people believed that wearing green protected you from leprechauns pinching you. Now people to it as areninder t beware of the little green earring tiny beings. Odd....but true. 

This Is Why Disney Princesses Always Wear Blue

I never thought about its but its really cool! Disney designer Christopher Kane said in a recent interview that you almost always see Disney princesses in the "Disney Blue".  Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel, Elsa, Bell....the list goes on and on. He said "Your adding a bit of power to the character by giving her blue. Its a subtle way of saying young woman, young girls can empowered too." Blue is the color of sky that reminds us of positive and hope. 


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Hamburger Sells For $10,000 At Charity Auction

Dang! It didn't even have any gold truffles on it. It was however huge and really tall. The burger consists of 7 beef patties, aged cheddar, veal bacon and a saffron brioche bun. Sounds yummy. Which it better be for that price. The good news is all the proceeds from the auction are going to breast cancer research.

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Ten Tons Of Frozen Pizza Have Been Recalled

More that 20 thousand pounds of frozen pizza have been recalled for fear of listeria contamination. The USDA Food and Safety and Inspection service announced that they have recalled the Makretside Supreme pizzas sold at Walmart. So if you have one of these in your freezer you might want to toss it.

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Google's New App Turns Your Voice Into Emoji's

Nifty! The app is called Super Sonic Fun Voice Messenger. They tested it by voicing the lyrics to Beyonce's 'Unbreakable'. So basically when you say left it turned into the finger emoji pointing to the left. I will be downloading this.

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