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Abercrombie & Fitch to Close 60 Stores in 2017


Our mall will never be the same. Abercrombie and Fitch has announced that's closing 60 of its stores for rebranding in 2017. The decision came after a 9% drop in sales in 2016. They are planning to invest in more online sales but will still have 647 physical stores open. Well good, we can still smell the cologne wafting into the other side of the mall.

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Wine-Infused Coffee Exists and Now All Of Your Dreams Have Come True

All of the YAS!!! The masterminds at Molinari Private Reserve thought this one up. They took wine and roasted it with coffee and came up with something that tastes like coffee with a hint of blueberry. They say the more milk you add to it the more it tastes like wine. Ya had me until the thought of milky wine came into play. But its available online for $20 bucks.

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You Can Now Glue Bows To Your Kid’s Head


My kid came out with a huge coif on his head so I don't know what its like to have a bald wee one. But if I had a bald baby I would be a tad a afraid to glue things on its head. This new product is called "Girly Glue" and its made of all natural agave nectar and can be washed off with water.

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Sour Patch Kids Are Getting A New Flavor


I didn't tis it was possible to make Sour Patch Kids any yummier but apparently it is! Starting this month Tropical Sour Patch kids are a thing! They come in some pretty rad flavours and are $2 a bag.

pink (paradise punch)

white (pineapple)

orange (tropical twist)

 purple (passion fruit)

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McDonald’s Will Soon Offer Delivery

Mc Nuggets on demand?!? I'm so in! First all day breakfast and now this!!! Yay! McDonal's already offers delivery in the overseas markets and apparently their sales are close to $1 billion dollars!! Dayyyyum.

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