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You'll Never Guess How Much It Costs an Actress to Attend the Oscars

Going to the Oscars is apparently pricey AF. A recent study by WalletHub showed just how expensive it can be for an A-List actress to walk the red carpet. After all of the primping it would take someone like Angelina Jolie upwards of $10 Million dollars to complete an Oscar look. A newer actress would be somewhere around $1.5 million. Yea, JUST under two million dollars for one night. Oh to be in Hollywood. 

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Nominees for Best Music (Original Song)

People Are Crocheting Adorable Octopuses to Help Premature Babies

This hits me right in the feels! Premature babies in the NICU at Poole Hospital in Dorset, England, are being given crochet octopuses to help them feel safe in their incubators. And these little creatures aren’t just cute, there’s a scientific reason they work. Apparently the crocheted tentacles remind infants of their umbilical cords and being inside mom’s womb, and that makes them feel safe. Research shows the toy octopuses can calm babies, and squeezing their tentacles helped them breathe better, have more regular heartbeats, and higher levels of oxygen in their blood. Plus, it makes them less likely to pull on their tubes and monitors.

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Man Quits His Job With A Note Written On Toilet Paper

This guy is a genius. If you want to quit your crappy job what better a way to do it than to give your two weeks on a pice of paper that's meant to clean up poo. 

The letter reads, "I have chosen this type of paper for my 2 week resignation as a symbol of how I feel this company has treated me, and ironically, how it is disposed of is where I feel the company is going." To really send the message home, the man drew a picture of a toilet next to his signature. 

According to his wife he is much happier after quitting.

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You Can Now Go On A Double-Date With Disney Princesses And Their Boyfriends

If only I had a boyfriend to go do this with. Maybe I'll get one just so I can have brunch with Ariel and Erick. I kid, I kid. 

So for $34 a pop you can have a steak breakfast complete with a "tower of pancakes" at Walt Disney World's Trattoria al Forno Boardwalk hotel. Mimosas and Disney royalty. I'm in! 

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The Real Reason McDonald's Coke Tastes Better Than Regular Coke

I actually never thought about this but now I want a Coke. According to this article there is a science behind why our tastebuds respond to Mickey D's soda differently than the stuff we get anywhere else. 

Here's exactly why:

1. McDonald's has Coca-Cola delivered in stainless steel containers, unlike most fast food restaurants, which have Coca-Cola syrup delivered in plastic bags. Stainless steel containers help preserve ingredients, making the soda taste fresher.

2. McDonald's cares about two things: fresh water and a perfect temperature. The company spends a lot of money on a filtration system, so the water that mixes with the syrup is fresh, clean water. That same water is run through an insulated tube that keeps it cold.

3. McDonald's prechills soda syrup before it enters the fountain dispensers, to make sure it's fresh. 

4. You might have noticed that the McDonald's straw is a bit wider than other fast-food restaurants straws. That's on purpose. McDonald's says it's so "all that Coke taste can hit all your taste buds." 

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