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9 Kissing Things Men Do That Need to Stop

1. Forcefully pushing your tongue in immediately.

Nothing sexy about a dart tounge. Absolutely nothing.

2. Just leaving your tongue in my mouth like a sandy pancake.

If I want pancakes I will go to IHOP.

3. Using your tongue a defunct windmill.

Please PLEASE have some direction with that thing.

4. Keeping your lips sealed shut.

This usually means that you had garlic for lunch or your afraid to kiss me.

5. Covering my entire mouth with your mouth.

I shouldn't have to towel off after giving you a smooch.

6. Biting my lower lip and reaaaaally stretching it.

OUCH. Just Ouch.

7. Light burps!!!

OMG Barf! Who does this???

8. Hickies.

This may have been a badge of makeup honour in 8th grade but I'm good on wearing turtlenecks today.

9. Not listening to women (with your mouth or your ears.)

If I'm not feeling what your doing but I like you, I'll try and work with ya. But if you don't listen there's nada that I  can do about it.

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~ Hugs and Smiles ~ Riley Couture

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