A Tie-Dyed Supreme Shirt Just Sold For $52,000

We're all for fashion, but when it comes to brands selling common clothes you can buy at Walmart or Target for super high prices then we get upset and that's what Supreme just did with a tie-dye shirt!

A tie-dye Supreme shirt just sold at auction for $52,000 after someone found an old friends and family design that you could only get if you worked for the clothing company.

The shirt is simply the Supreme logo over a tie-dye shirt, which you could most likely screen-print at home, and it originally came out during the 2006-2007 fashion season.

You can see what the shirt looks like below and if a 14-year-old shirt can sell at auction for that much, then it might be time to go back to your parents' house and dig up your old clothes to see if they are worth something!


Photo Credit: Getty Images