Motorola Brings Back Iconic RAZR Flip Phone

I might be in cell phone heaven.

I also might need a raise.

Late Thursday night, Motorola announce the return of the iconic RAZR phone (stylized as 'razr' this time around) and it's a SEXY phone. It's a foldable Android device that beats Samsung at their own game. You might remember Samsung introduced the Galaxy Fold not long ago to terrible reviews amid delicate screen mechanisms and the propensity for the screen to break after dirt/dust got in the hinge.

Motorola has appeared to fix all that. In fact, this looks so dang sexy, it might truly be worth the expected $1500 price tag.

There is something so innately satisfying of clapping a flip phone closed to end a phone call. It was how the 1990's hung up. With the advent of touch-screen smartphones, we lost that ability to truly 'hang up' on someone with a simple action. You have to make sure you touch the end button...and even then you might not truly hang up on someone. Folding a flip phone in half was unmistakable...that call was ended.

We might be entering a new generation where Motorola hits the top of the phone industry once again. I mean, it would take a LOT to unseat Apple or even Samsung, but Moto appears to have something truly compelling here. And I say "appears to" because I haven't had the luxury of seeing it in person yet... though I have requested a review unit. We'll see if they oblige (please, Moto!).

The new RAZR is due to hit Verizon stores exclusively, up for pre-ordering December 26th with a release sometime in January 2020.

The future might just be our past... and that's reason to flip!