Elizabeth Banks Talks "Charlie's Angels" And LGBTQ+ Themes

Premiere Of Columbia Pictures' "Charlie's Angels" - Red Carpet

The Townsend Agency is a world-wide spy organization and there are Angels EVERYWHERE!

That's the state of the "Charlie's Angels" world in Elizabeth Banks' imaginative next installment in the "Angels" Universe - don't call it a reboot. This movie takes place in the same world as all the stories that precede it, all the way back to the original 1970's ABC television series. Elizabeth is a fan of the material, and it shows in every frame of the new film.

I had the chance to speak with Elizabeth about the film and about where she found her new set of "Angels." Two are established stars and one is a true Hollywood story. Listen to my conversation with Elizabeth and hear about how she discovered Ella Balinska, coached Naomi Scott and made sure Kristen Stewart's authentic self was presented in the film. We may have our first LGBTQ+ "Angel," people!!

The film is fun, fast and full of action - the franchise is in great hands so go see it and support those who support our community!