New Summer Fashion: Lacy Shorts For Men


Do we REALLY care about the comfort of men these days? I mean, first it was that abomination-on-the-eyes, the Romphim (or dude-romper)... and just no.

NOW... we have lacy see-through shorts for men. I mean, it's Pride season and all, so maybe you'll see these out and about on the town celebrating with your LGBTQ brethren... however... they're just a bit revealing.

Sure, perfect on a hot day to help avoid swamp ass... but, well, do we really want to advertise everything so readily? Look, I'm the first to admit that I go commando on a regular basis. It's more comfortable. However, with these, unless you want to be arrested, you pretty much always have to wear underwear, forgoing the comfort these shorts appear created to provide.

Or, they're just trying to use as little fabric as possible. Money's tight, I get it.

What do you think about these lacy things?



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