All The Best Super Bowl LVIII Commercials

Say what you will about this year's Super Bowl, but it delivered when it came to giving us funny commercials advertising cars, streaming services, and Baja Blast!

Even though there we got a few of the commercials before the day of the Super Bowl, it was Aubrey Plaza, Beyonce, Michael Cera, and Patrick Stewart that made this year's ads hilarious!

Here are some of our favorite commercials from Super Bowl LVIII that had us talking during the actual game and will most likely have you talking at work in-person or over Zoom and Teams today. Enjoy!

Paramount Plus - Sir Patrick Stewart Throws a Hail Arnold

Uber Eats - "Don't Forget Uber Eats"

Squarespace - "Hello Down There" (two parts)

e.l.f. - In e.l.f. we Trust (with the cast of Suits)

Pringles - Mr. P

BIC - The Most Borrowed Lighter

Michelob ULTRA - Dan The Man

TurboTax - The TurboTax Super Bowl File

OREO - "Imagine A World..."

Bud Light - Easy Night Out

Etsy - Gift Mode

Budweiser - Old School Delivery

Pizza Hut - Say wHuuuut?!

Discover - Robots

Cerave - Michael Cera...Ve

Skechers - Mr. T In Skechers

Popeyes - The Wait Is Over

T-Mobile - That T-Mobile Home Internet Feeling

M&M's - "Almost Champions..."

Hellmann's - Mayo Cat

BetMGM - Tom Has Won Enough

MTN Dew - Aubrey Plaza Is Always Having A Blast

Kawasaki - Mullets - Extraterrentrials

Starry - It's Time To See Others

BMW - Talkin Like Walken

Statefarm - Like A Good Neighbaaa

Nerds - Big Game Commercial - Tina Fey Books Whoever She Wants To Be...

T-Mobile - Auditions

Coors Light - Chill Train

Temu - Big Game Ad

E*Trade - Picklebabies

REESE'S Cups - Yes!

Dunkin - "Voice of Reason"

Crowdstrike - The Future

Google Pixel - Javier In Frame

Verizon - Can't B Broken

Pfizer - "Here's To Science"

Doritos Dinamita - "Where Did Dinamita Go?"

Drumstick - Doctor On A Plane

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial? Let us know in the comments!

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