This Couple's 2020 Halloween Costume Predicted Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce

We're all for a great couple's costume, but this couple might have powers to predict the future because they're going viral for their Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce costume they wore for Halloween in 2020!

Instagram user Makayla Stephens and her husband Nick went viral earlier this week because people rediscovered that they had predicted the "new NFL couple" getting together by dressing up as them THREE YEARS AGO!

The even better part is that the caption for the photo aged perfectly as it says “I don’t know any world in which Taylor Swift + Travis Kelce would be in the same room together, but apparently in this one they’re married? #HappyHalloween.”

You can see their photo below, but why do we want Taylor and Travis to dress up as Makayla and Nick to return the favor? If anything, we need to see what Makayla and Nick dress up as for Halloween this year to see if they can continue to predict the future!

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