How To Prevent Your Luggage From Getting Lost At The Airport

We're all for keeping the stickers from a flight as a "free souvenir" to remember your flight, but you might want to take them off your suitcase if you're worried about your bag getting lost!

An airport worker at Ontario International Airport recently went viral on TikTok after he shared how having extra or leftovers stickers on your bag from a previous trip could actually cause it to either get lost or be sent to the wrong plane.

Some commenters, however, noted that they always assumed airport workers, including gate agents, would remove older tags if they were problematic, but you might not want to assume you bag is getting the lookover especially when things get busy.

You can view the TikTok below, but if your luggage does get lost you should let your airline know and they can help you based on what they have with their tag on your luggage. Also another pro tip is to invest in an Airtag and place it in your bag so you can track it on your phone!

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