Crocs Is Releasing Shrek-Themed Shoes

We found the perfect shoes for you to rock when doing your annual rewatch of the Shrek franchise because Crocs is releasing a pair of Shrek-themed clogs later this month!

The footwear company has joined forces with DreamWorks to create the "Shrek" Crocs Classic Clog that is directly inspired by the aesthetic of Shrek, as it features a bright green color scheme referencing the ogre's skin tone.

The shoes also feature a fuzzy brown strap on the heel as a nod to Shrek's iconic brown vest, along with a special Jibbitz inspired by the ogre's facial features (his nose and ears) attached to the front. The Shrek logo is even on the bottom of the shoes so people will now how obsessed you are with Shrek based on just your footprint.

As of right now there are no official release details available for this Shrek Crocs, but they are expected to release later this month.

You can see what they look like below, but would you rock a pair of these in public??

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