This Company Wants To Give You $1,500 To Sit In First Class

We've all been jealous of just how awesome first class looks like when we walk towards the back of a plane to sit in economy, but one company actually wants to pay you to fly first class on your next flight!

Upgraded Points is a website dedicated to teaching travelers about points and miles and they are giving one lucky traveler $1,500 to use towards upgrading to first class on their next flight.

All you have to really do in exchange is share your honest thoughts on if first class is worth it or not which you were probably going to do anyway to see if you would do it in the future.

According to the website, the average first class domestic round-trip flight can cost between $800 and $1,000 so the $1,500 payment should cover most trips within the US.

The site is looking for applicants who have never flown first class before to ensure they get a “fresh and unbiased review of the experience,” but to apply you can go HERE and the deadline is October 6th so you can easily upgrade your holiday flight home in December!

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