Freeform Has Revealed This Year's '31 Nights of Halloween' Schedule

Movie clapperboard and halloween decoration over pink background

Photo: netrun78 / iStock / Getty Images

We're barely through the first week of September and while everybody is already talking about Halloween this year, Freeform is here to get you in the "spooky frame of mind" with their schedule for this year's "31 Nights of Halloween!"

The network kicks off their annual holiday season celebration obviously on October 1st through Halloween and while a good number of the films are on Disney Plus or other streaming services, the classics are still there like The Addams Family and Twilight

You'll also be able to watch The CraftHotel Transylvania, Goosebumps, and practically EVERY "Treehouse of Horror" episode of The Simpsons because you can't celebrate spooky season without a yearly installment from The Simpsons!

You can see Freeform's entire schedule below or go HERE to get even more details on some of the movies you haven't seen yet, but it all kicks off with Halloweentown being the first Halloween movie on October 1st. Happy Holidays!

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