Kraft Is Releasing A 'College Care Pack' Of Mac & Cheese

You never have enough food when going to college, which is why Kraft Mac & Cheese wants to help new college students out with a 30-pack of their mac & cheese!

The food brand is calling the pack their "College Care Pack," which not only comes with 30 packs of Easy Mac, but also has a reusable silverware set for you to continually wash (or if we're honest probably won't wash) in between Easy Macs.

The "College Care Pack" is exclusively on Amazon for $29.99 while supplies last and this could easily be a great bargaining tool to get more meal swipes, help on homework, or potentially more room in the study hall of your campus.

You also don't need to be in college to enjoy the pack because this would make a great addition to your lunch or late-night snack routine! To learn more info you can go HERE!

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