Frontier Wants To Match You Student Loan Debt With Airline Miles

Anytime someone mentions student loans it usually isn't a positive conversation, but Frontier Airlines is hoping to change it all up by giving away miles based on how much you owe for your student loans!

The airline just launched its Student Loan Mile Match contest that will award 100 people the amount of student debt they have in the form of airline miles. For example, if someone had $60,000 in debt, they would receive 60,000 Frontier Airlines Miles.

Frontier will match up to $100,000 to give you the same amount in airline miles and it might be the one benefit of having a high amount of student loans still left to pay. 

The contest, which is open now through August 27th, is open to residents of the United States except for those in New York, Florida, and DC and all you need to do is submit an entry form on the contest's website and have a Frontier Miles account.

You can read more about how it all works HERE, but might as well apply and see how many free flights you can go on thanks to your student loans!

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