How To Get Free Stuff With Your Save The Dates

Figuring out who should get a Save The Date to your wedding is no easy task because it's most likely the first time you and your partner are actually figuring out who to invite to your wedding, but you might want to plan for a few extra Save The Dates thanks to this new trend on TikTok!

Multiple engaged couples are going viral after they shared how they sent their extra Save The Dates to companies, celebrities, and even museums and have received varying levels of swag, merch, and actual gifts a few months later.

You most likely received a few extra Save The Dates when ordering them because you had to get a set amount, but you can actually send them to brands like Chick-fil-A, IKEA, or Sephora OR you can even send them to celebrities like Adam Sandler and get an autograph in return.

You mileage may vary as more couples are doing the same thing as the trend becomes more viral, but it's worth a shot and it even helps you and your partner figure out what brands and celebrities are important to one another.

You can see two couples share what they did below and best believe we're trying this as soon as our Save The Dates come in!

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