TikTok Is Obsessed With This 'Cozy Cardio' Fitness Trend

Move over going to the gym early in the morning to get your workout in because TikTok has recently become obsessed with "cozy cardio" in 2023 and we're here for it!

With over a million views as of right now, the fitness trend embraces all things "cozy and comfy" for your workout and focuses on keeping the lights dim, lighting some candles, and working out in your comfiest attire.

Often times, "cozy cardio" will involve turning on your favorite show and walking on a walking pad or at-home cardio device either in the morning or at night and it's all about simply getting your heart pumping without having to be drenched in sweat.

The even better part is that you can go as intense as you want and don't have to get anxiety over someone staring at you or working out next to you like at the gym.

You can see one example of the trend below, but just get ready for a TON of gyms to try and implement "cozy cardio" classes into their group fitness schedules!

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