Someone Is Suing Taco Bell Over The Amount Of Meat In Their Food

Taco Bell Menu Items, Headquarters And Restaurant Shoot

Photo: Joshua Blanchard / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

We can all thank this man in New York because he's fighting the "good fight" for us and suing Taco Bell for the amount of beef that comes in items like the Mexican Pizza and Crunchwrap!

The man's name is Frank Siragusa and he is suing Taco Bell for at least $5 million for falsely advertising the amount of beef customers actually get in Taco Bell items like the Mexican Pizza or Crunchwrap after he recently paid for a Mexican Pizza that looked nothing like how it was advertised.

The lawsuit seeks at least $5 million for Taco Bell customers who bought one of these five items in New York state in the last three years: the Mexican Pizza, Veggie Mexican Pizza, Crunchwrap Supreme, Grande Crunchwrap, and Vegan Crunchwrap as its expected that they contain half as much filling as advertised in ad campaigns.

Oddly enough, this isn't Siragusa's first time going up against a fast-food chain as he previously filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s and Wendy’s over the same issue (the actual amount of burger versus the advertised amount), but the case is still pending.

If you want to follow both cases, you can go HERE, but fingers crossed he wins because we're all for getting more food for our dollar!

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