Why You Shouldn't Use Complimentary Hotel Shampoo According To TikTok

Get ready to feel even more anxious while staying at a hotel room because according to a former hotel manager on TikTok, you might not want to use the complimentary shampoo and body wash in your bathroom!

TikTok user @travelinghotelmanager recently went viral after she shared how the complimentary bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash aren't necessarily secure so technically anyone could put something in the bottles if they wanted to mess with you.

Unfortunately it also doesn't matter whether if it is the tiny bottles placed on your sink or the pumps hanging on your shower wall because people could still put bleach, hair dye, or anything else in the bottles without you realizing it.

She recommends bringing your own products, but if we're honest, the whole point of a vacation is to leave that at home. Based on our own experiences, we would recommend asking for new bottles of shampoo and body wash when you arrive.

Or just not think about it and carry on!!

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