Micro Weddings Are Still On The Rise Even After The Pandemic

Trying to save money on your future wedding? Turns out you don't need to invite that many people to your wedding anymore according to TikTok because "micro weddings" are still on the rise even after the pandemic!

A micro wedding, as defined by Simply Eloped, is a small-scale celebration that typically has a guest count of 50 or less, and has a shorter and much more simplistic timeline. They mostly started during the pandemic when people had to abide by COVID restrictions, but now people are limiting the guest count to save money and stress.

Micro weddings still have the structure of a traditional ceremony, but they go even quicker because less people are also walking down the aisle with you. TikTok has kept the trend alive revealing that many couples are still opting for smaller, cheaper ceremonies.

You can see a TikTok below explaining how micro weddings are growing more popular below!

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