These $5 Mario-Themed Oreos Are Reselling For Up To $200 Online

We're all for having our favorite brands collab to give us food or a cool piece of merch, but it turns out the resellers are up to it again because $5 Oreos are reselling online for up to $200!

The Oreos in questions are Mario-themed and are from a partnership between Nintendo and Oreo to release character-themed cookies that would normally set you back $5, but for some reason you could actually pre-order them too and resellers obviously bought all the online stock.

As you can see on eBay right now, most listings range from around $20 to $50, which is outrageous for a pack of Oreos, but there are even listings of up to $200 and the cookies haven't even released online or in stores yet.

Also, while there are multiple Oreo designs to collect of Mario and his friends, there aren't any rare designs like how there was a few Mew designs in the Pokémon collaboration with Oreo last year.

You can try to order your own Mario-themed cookies HERE, but good luck because you know the bots and resellers are trying to buy them all!

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