Fast Food Restaurants Might Be Ending The "No Ice" Loophole

Man pours a fizzy drink.sparkling ice soft drink cola

Photo: Getty Images

Have you started to notice that when you order a drink through the drive-thru that it seems like it's coming with less of the actual drink? You're not alone!

A woman recently went viral on TikTok for trying to show how she normally asks for "no ice" in her drink so that she can get more of the actual drink to pour in a cup at home, but it turned out that the restaurant she went to only filled her cup about three-quarters of the way.

Some former food service workers said in the comments that this is actually a newer practice at some establishments as part of "drinkflation" (aka making you pay more for less of the same drink.

Your mileage may vary based on what fast food chains you like to frequent, but if you unsatisfied with how much of an actual drink you got you could always go inside and use their machines and then leave.

You can see the viral TikTok below and let us know if this has been happening to you as well!

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