Check Out The First Trailer For The 'Zoey 101' Reboot

Are you ready??

Get ready to find out just exactly what happened to our favorite students from Pacific Coast Academy because on the heels of the success of the iCarly reboot, we have our first trailer for the Zoey 101 reboot called Zoey 102!

The trailer, which you can see below, will primarily focus on Jamie Lynn Spears' character Zoey being invited to Logan and Quinn's wedding (yes they end up getting married even though we're team Mark Del Figgalo) and having to pretend she has a boyfriend so things don't get awkward with Chase who is now her ex!

As of right now it seems like the majority of the cast will be returning except for Victoria Justice and Alexa Nikolas and instead of a series like the iCarly reboot it will just be a film that premieres on Paramount Plus.

Zoey 102 premieres on July 27th and no matter how you feel about the reboot, hopefully it gives us answers and a happy ending to the characters we know! If anything, it might be a good drink and watch movie too!

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