TikTok Is Officially Calling Summer 2023 'Women's Winter'

Move over "Hot Girl Summer" because Summer 2023 is all about "Women's Winter" this year according to TikTok!

Now #WomensWinter might sound bad off first reading, but it's actually a new trend started by a Pittsburgh news anchor who shared how usually in June is where her office cranks up the AC to deal with the heat and causes everyone to need a blanket to stay warm.

The video, which you can see below, shows the news anchor and her coworkers shivering and draped in blankets while at their desks and they dub this season "Women's Winter."

The funny thing is that according to a recent study women actually do produce less body heat than men which is most likely why the video has over three million views and the comments section relating to the video.

If you're also having to deal with cold office temperatures just know that you're not alone!

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