TikTok Claims Your Notes App Is The Most Intimate Part Of Your Phone

When was the last time you looked in your Notes app and saw what was in there? You might want to later this week because TikTok is claiming it’s the "most intimate part of your phone" and a good way to actually know someone!

We've all drafted so many different types of notes, from breakup texts to saved passwords, and the Internet has become obsessed with the iPhone feature the past few weeks after people realized you can find out a lot about someone from the one app.

Creators on TikTok are now sharing the notes that they still have their phone and it might be one of the most relatable things we've seen on social media. However, this isn't us telling you to post all your notes on social media, but if you're looking to get closer to your partner then why not have a date where you each go through each other’s notes and ask what happened with each note!?

You can see some of the videos that went viral below, but it also might be time to clean out your Notes app!

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