You Can Get Paid $100 An Hour To Be A 'Professional TikTok Watcher'

TikTok and Facebook application  on screen Apple iPhone XR

Photo: Getty Images

We can already go ahead and label this as a dream job for 2023 because a company is looking to hire three "professional TikTok watchers" who get paid to watch TikTok all day!

Influencer marketing company, Ubiquitous, is offering three lucky people the chance to be paid around $100 an hour to scroll through TikTok and write down any emerging trends they may see while they're on the app.

Each candidate will be tasked with only ten hours of watching TikTok to get paid almost $1,000 for their troubles and no experience is required according to the company so you could literally have just downloaded TikTok today and still apply for the job.

All you need to do is fill out an application and give a brief explanation as to why you think you deserve the job. You can apply HERE, but just make sure to put something that stands out in your application because you know a TON of people will apply for this job!

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