This Tenant Pranked Their Landlord By Paying One Cent Less Every Month

Pay Rent Note In Calendar

Photo: Getty Images

This totally sounds like an Intern John move to do if you didn't like your landlord, but this tenant's prank has gone viral after they've paid one cent less with every month's rent to get their landlord to contact them.

We've all had a landlord or apartment complex that is super-slow to reply to emails, but this tenant in Australia took it upon themselves to only pay $1,199.99 of their $1200 rent a few months ago and ever since have been paying one cent less every month.

The prank went viral after the landlord posted on a renter's group for help, but the landlord has also gone ahead and established that they won't be renewing the person's rent. However, we found out that the renter was doing this so that the landlord would actually respond to them.

You can see the post HERE, but something tells us we wouldn't have the same effect in the US!

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