This 'Smart' Toilet Seat Can Monitor Your Heart Health

Fitbits and other smartwatches are common practice in 2023 and are usually our go-to devices when monitoring our health, but a new company just got FDA approval to bring health-monitoring into your bathroom - specifically your toilet seat!

Casana has just gained clearance to sell its health-monitoring toilet seat in the US that can monitor your heart rate and oxygen saturation as soon as you sit on it.

The smart toilet seat is apparently battery-powered and will wirelessly transmit your health data to a connected app or even to your healthcare providers to monitor your health.

The brand also hopes to work on an update that can help with blood-pressure monitoring and hopes to sell the toilet seat by the end of this year.

Would you buy a "smart" toilet seat that monitors what goes on in the bathroom? You can learn more about the toilet seat and how it works HERE!


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