TikTok Says You Should Have Seven Types Of Friends

Friends making a selfie together at party

Photo: Getty Images

Turns out you really only need seven friends to have a full social circle according to TikTok and its latest trend called the "7 Friend Theory!"

The viral theory is all about posting the seven types of friends you have in your life that each bring a unique perspective or value to your life. It’s unclear who started the "7 Friend Theory," but it currently has over 10.4 million views as of today while the related tag #7friendstheory has another 2.4 million.

According to the theory, the seven different friends you should have are:

  1. A friend you’ve had since you were little.
  2. A friend that could make you laugh in any situation.
  3. A friend that can go on forever without talking to but nothing changes.
  4. A friend you can tell anything to.
  5. A friend that’s like a sister.
  6. A friend you can’t imagine not being friends with.
  7. A friend that knows about all your relationship problems, even though they don’t want to hear about it.


Also just because the trend puts an emphasis on having seven friends, that doesn’t mean you can’t let anyone else into your friend group, and honestly, you don’t have to have one friend per role, either!

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