This Town Is Making Unruly Parents Become Umpires As A Punishment

There's always at least one parent at every middle school, high school, or Little League game that gets a little TOO into the game and this town in New Jersey is preventing an unruly parents with the best punishment: they have to be an umpire for three weeks!

Normally referees and umpires are volunteers, especially in recreational sports, and there's been an increase in resignations because of unruly parents which is why Deptford Township in New Jersey came up with the punishment.

If a parent or another spectator fights with an umpire, they have to volunteer to officiate themselves for at least three upcoming games and aren't actually allowed back onto the fields or venues until they complete the three games.

If the rule goes into effect and someone has to volunteer to suit up, Deptford Little League officials say a certified umpire will also be on the baseball field to make sure any calls are correct.

Can we make this a rule for every type of sport outing!?

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