This Mermaid Statue In Italy Has Gone Viral For Being "Too Provocative"

Turns out some statues can be even too provocative for the public which this fishing village in southern Italy is realizing thanks to a new mermaid statue!

The statue was created by students at the Luigi Rosso Art School in Monopoli before it was positioned in the nearby village's town square and while it hasn't been officially unveiled, it's already receiving a TON of attention online.

The statue, which you can see photos of below, is of a mermaid with a larger chest and large rear-end that people in the village are claiming are "too provocative."

Oddly enough, ever since the statue went viral ,the students and headteacher of the art school are claiming the statue was made that way as a "tribute to the great majority of women who are curvy" and we're kind of here for it!

What do you think of the statue? Maybe the Lincoln Memorial should do something similar and give Abe Lincoln some extra cushion to sit on?

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