This Italian Town Will Fine Tourists For Taking Selfies

Portofino, Liguria, Italy

Photo: Getty Images

We don't blame you if you're taking a TON of pictures and selfies on your vacation because you deserve to, but you might want to avoid taking selfies in this Italian town if you don't want to pay a fine!

While Portofino might be one of Italy's most colorful towns, it also has a no-waiting zone that if you happen to take a selfie then you could be fined 275 euros (about $300) for doing so.

The no-waiting zones were implemented to stop tourists from lingering in popular spots in Portofino and causing traffic hazards. The restrictions go into effect between 10:30am and 6pm every day so as long as you wait to take your pictures until early in the morning or at night then you won't have to worry about the fine

The rules will stay in place until October, but just get ready for other popular tourist destinations to implement something similar in the near-future!


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